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Our allotment has a real problem with Mares Tail. Is there any cure to kill it off?

Don’t attempt to remove it by hand as this will require a LOT of digging. Weeding is also ineffective, however it helps to remove the shoots as soon as they appear above ground. Use weedkiller with glyphosate/diflufenican on soil with no herbaceous perennials, bulbs or […]

When can I cut back the leaves of my daffodils and tulips?

When cutting back daffodils and tulips, you should wait until the leaves have turned yellow. Make sure that when cutting back you use scissors. If you pull off the leaves, you risk pulling the bulb out and uprooting the whole plant.

My chrysanthemums look sparse. How can I make them grow fuller?

You should be pruning your chrysanthemums two or three times before mid-July. Pinch the tips out of the tops of them stems so that four inches remain. This will encourage more flowers to bloom and give you a fuller plant.

Where is the best place to put a bird table in my garden?

Place your bird table where the birds will be safe from potential predators. Avoid putting them close to fences or hedges as cats can easily reach them. Place it near a small bush will give birds a safe space to land and use as a […]

My hanging baskets look like they’re dying, how can I save them?

With hanging baskets, it is vital to water, fertilize and groom. As there is only limited soil, it dries very quickly so it is likely you need to water it everyday. Every 2 weeks you should fertilize the plant with liquid fertilizer. Don’t forget to […]

I haven’t sown all of my seeds, will they still grow next year?

Most likely! Store them in a cool, dark place until early spring. To then test them, place 20 seeds between 2 moist paper towels before placing them in a plastic bag. Loosely tie the bag and put it somewhere warm. After 10 days, check for […]

My lawn is brown. Is it dead?

Don’t panic! Brown lawn isn’t necessarily dead lawn. Grasses can go dormant in times when the ground is dry. It will return to life with the autumn rain. To get your lush green lawn back, water it deeply and regularly. Raise the cutting height of […]

What should I feed the birds in my garden?

Bird feed differs per species. Different birds require different foods so by supplying a variety of foods, you will attract many more species. Household scraps are enjoyed by many garden birds while fruit is popular with thrushes and blackbirds. If buying bird-specific food, find a […]

How often should I fertilise annuals planted in containers?

You should fertilise every 10 days to 2 weeks during the warmest periods of the season. Try a fertiliser high in phospherus to boost blossoming and give you a fuller looking plant.